Saturday, October 6, 2007

What an adventure life has become!!!

Again it's been a while since I've written. I am constantly amazed at how correct the advice people gave me when I went to college. They told me to enjoy all the time that I would have because I'd never have so much discressionary time again... I guess that i've developed a clearer understanding of this and I agree but I hope that someday I can retire and have some discressionary time again.

So we've been having a few adventures lately. It's an adventure to have our new baby girl Alana home. She is naturally a happy baby but we just need to learn all the things that make her unhappy to allow natrue to make her happy. So we've cut out all sented laundry detergent or fabric softner, Holly can't eat eggs which was narrowed down from wheat, milk, soy, nuts, and anyting but fruits and vegies. So now that we've found what she's alergic to we're all much happier. Oh and she really likes the vacume. So to help her sleep now we just leave the vacume on in her room...

The weather is changing and we're finally out of the 100s!!! We're spending more time outside and everyone likes that.

Grandma North came to visit for a week. She was amazing. Our whole house was calm while she was here. Holly is convinced that she has some magical control over dust because normally we dust every two days but while my Mom was here Holly didn't have to dust at all... I think that Mom just snuck out at night and dusted while we slept, either way it was really fun to have her here. And I want to extend the invite to all of our family, anyone who wnat's to come and hold a baby can come over to our house and hang out.

I'm back in school after a short break after Alana was born and I really can't wait to be done.

Natalie is grrowing so fast. She's so smart and has a great sence of humor. Today she thought it was so much fun to sit on my head and use me as a human jungle gym. It's the best time of my day when I come home and when Natalie hears the door open she yeals DAD! Life is good.