Saturday, March 28, 2009

Things that I just don't understand. Please Help ME!!!

  1. Why some people stop 1-4 car lengths behind the white line at a stop light. This is especially confusing to me when there is a ton of traffic and this person singlehandedly backs traffic through the intersection behind them. There must be a reason for this behavior that just doesn't penetrate my thick skull? I've been tempted to get out of my car in these situations and just ask politely, why? PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND!
  2. Why my kids want to watch TV instead of go on a walk but they want to sit in the stroller to watch TV.
  3. Why do people like NASCAR? I've been watching and trying to like it for a long time but honestly these guys drive around in circles (except for one race every season where the ex F1 drivers are actually competitive), their cars are all using ancient technology and it's basically really expensive bumper cars. I don't get it.

More to come latter I have kids crying...


Sunday, March 1, 2009

A story about a girl, a car and the Dad that is so proud.

I'm going to attempt to tell a story and do it justice. It's a true story but honestly I'm not much of a story teller so....

Part 1
About a month ago the entire family and I were on our way to the zoo. We go to the zoo often and this time I thought I'd take a little detour. My plan was just to drive by the famed Ferrari dealership in Scottsdale (only a 10 min detour on the way to the zoo). When we got there Eleanor was screaming and Alana was asleep. Holly suggested that we park somewhere close and that I take Natalie to go look at the cars. I really love how kind my wife is. She lets me indulge and dream.

Natalie and I ran up the road to the dealership. We talked about each car, what we liked best and what we didn't like. Natalie liked the HUGE wheels on the Rolls Royce, which would make her Grandfather very proud! She decided that her favorite car was a red Ferrari F430 Spider with the racing wheels and side badges. She thought that the Yellow Lamborghini was pretty cool too but the Ferrari was a horse car. The badge was what sealed the deal for her.
Feeling guilty that I left Holly in the car with a screaming baby we headed back to the van and I thought that something special just happened there but didn't really know what it was. We went to the zoo and had a great time.

Part 2
Latter that week we were driving to visit some friend, again everyone was in the mini-van (it's important to note that our mini-van has the highest rated horsepower offered in a mini-van... thus the ONLY reason I agreed to buy one... just under 300 horsepower). I love to stomp on the gas when the light turns green and blow the doors off of the boy toy honda racers. It makes me feel manly. On this occasion both Natalie and Alana squealed with JOY!!! From that time on whenever we're in the van Natalie calls from the third row seat "Go FAST Daddy". What kind of father would I be if I didn't give when my child asks so kindly. I think that there is a scripture about that somewhere (Yes I feel like Ricky Bobby some times).

Part 3
The other day Holly was driving with the girls. She and Natalie were talking.
Natalie, "I need to go to the car store."
Holly, "OK."
Natalie;"I want a new car Mommy."
Holly, "We just bought a new car and I like the van. Do you like the van?"
Natalie, "Yeah but we need another new car Mommy."
Holly, "I don't think that we're going to get a new car."
Natalie, " But I want a Horsy car!"
Holly, "What's a horsy car?"
Natalie, "A Horsy car with lots of money in it."
Holly, "That sounds nice...."

A day or two after this conversation we figured it out. Natalie indeed was emotionally touched by the incredible Italian craftsmanship that is a Ferrari and she wanted one, with money in it!

Part 4
Tonight Natalie woke up from her nap on the wrong side of the bed, Alana was walking around the house screaming, Eleanor was hungry and I was food poisoned. We were not a happy family. Then it hit me. The solution to all of our problems was in Scottsdale! I asked Natalie if she wanted to go to the Horsey car store. I knew the answer before I asked. She jumped off my lap and ran for her shoes. Alana let out her favorite thing to say: "YEAAAAAHHHHHH!!" (but she says it in more of a dragon growling way). Holly was a great sport and we all jumped in the van at 7:00 at night.

It was awesome. Natalie ran from car to car pointing to the horses and touching the lights. Again she decided that she liked the Red F430 Spider and stood at the window staring at it.
Alana had a great time too and she really liked the Maseratis. We had a great time and here are the pictures to prove it!

I am a proud father!

Now I just have to figure out how to make enough money to buy one.

But I am secure in my dream that some day one of my girls will be a race car driver. Rolex series races on Saturdays baby!!!