Saturday, March 28, 2009

Things that I just don't understand. Please Help ME!!!

  1. Why some people stop 1-4 car lengths behind the white line at a stop light. This is especially confusing to me when there is a ton of traffic and this person singlehandedly backs traffic through the intersection behind them. There must be a reason for this behavior that just doesn't penetrate my thick skull? I've been tempted to get out of my car in these situations and just ask politely, why? PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND!
  2. Why my kids want to watch TV instead of go on a walk but they want to sit in the stroller to watch TV.
  3. Why do people like NASCAR? I've been watching and trying to like it for a long time but honestly these guys drive around in circles (except for one race every season where the ex F1 drivers are actually competitive), their cars are all using ancient technology and it's basically really expensive bumper cars. I don't get it.

More to come latter I have kids crying...



Olivia said...

I'm always the one who stops WAY over the white line. I am a little impatient when driving...I like to drive FAST!

North Family Arizona said...

I fully support driving FAST! I drove way too FAST in high school!!!

I'm right there with you Olivia. I'm always either right on the line or half way through the cross walk... pedestrians beware.

Mindy said...

We cautious and slightly paranoid people, stop before the white line and this is what we're thinking, "If the crazy person behind me on my bumper hits me, I still have 4 feet before I slide into oncoming traffic." Hope that helps.
With the TV, sometimes you just have to shut it off and say that you're going on a surprise walk or something. What I can't understand is when I say I'm going to read a book, go pick out a book, that my older one will sometimes say, "that's OK, I'm playing" or something.

Diana Hawkins said...

1) Get out of your car and politely ask? You'll likely meet someone who will politely pull out a gun.

2) My kids are the same way - they beg and beg for a friend to come over to play, but as soon as friends come, they are begging to watch a movie together. ??

3) I think that how much people enjoy NASCAR has a lot to do with all the Budweiser advertisements plastered everywhere when the races come to Phoenix. Just a thought.

FamilyKolbaba said...

Dear Phil,

My father is a retired police officer. I recall many times I have been in the car with him and when another car stops far behind the white line at a traffic light, the stop sign, or the car in front of them, he says if he were on duty he would pull them over...but not for the reason you think, which is probably plain ol' stupidity. Apparently, if an officer sees that behavior, it is a sign of drunk driving and it gives them "probable cause" to pull them over and check alcohol levels!
So, next time it happens, you can rest assured you aren't just driving next to a dummy, but a drunk dummy.
Hope that helps entertain you during the commute :)


Nanny-Laurie :) said...

techno-gadget/human-connection problems at your house?...Man! do I have an essay or two for you to do like to read don't you (hehe!)

Coach Peeni said...

I finally just stumbled upon your blog. My kids do the same thing. they drag the stroller into the house and sit in it. Go figure. They also just go out to the garage to just sit in it.

As for nascar, it must be the combination of speed and the circles that are being driven Iimagine if you sit close enough to the actual track that you could induce a whiplash like injury when the cars go past, or you just get dizzy...